Never Let Go Of Me



Danielle Barbers grew up with her feet planted firmly in manhattan. The sights of the city shaped her into who she is today, but even more important were the sounds that inspired her. She takes her inspirations from the greats: notorious B.I.G., Lil Kim, Cassie, Mary J. Blige and later from Rihanna and Adele.

“Singing always made me happy,” Danielle says “I was able to express myself through music better than anything else.”

She was right. The very first demo she recorded was never officially released but somehow leaked and climbed to the top of new music charts such as Z100, MTV, and billboard.The response was electric but she knew she also wanted to concentrate on the other love of her life – fashion.She immediately started studying with Bobbi Brown and Paul Mitchell. For a few years, everything she touched was intertwined with the cutting edge of NYC fashion.

“Just like music has trends, so does fashion. I always like to be the first to set those trends” she said.

So while she was cultivating client relations for CoDE fashion she re-entered the world of music, this time singing in the best NYC nightlife venues such as Gilded Lily and Riff-Raffs as well as making 1OAK and Lavo her second homes.

When she recorded her debut EP she called upon platinum record producer Barb Morrison (blondie, Franz Ferdinand). They wrote and recorded the songs together in Chelsea NYC.

“Banging out tracks with Danielle is always fun. She has a cool prolific creativity about her that makes writing easy. She thinks in raps and breathes in melodies” Morrison says.

Her first video for “Never Let Go of Me” is directed by Marcello Peschiera. Danielle is currently in the studio with Morrison writing new songs for her next EP.

Never Let Go of Me

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